Adding Vendy rings and other widgets to your iOS Lock Screen

The Vendy iOS app lets you add rings for revenue, profit, and other key metrics on your Lock Screen, using iOS' built-in widget system.

Before you start

1. Upgrade to iOS 16. Previous versions do not support widgets.

2. Ensure the Vendy app is installed and you are logged in. You won't be able to pull your account's data if you are not logged in.

Adding the widgets to your lock screen

1. Lock your phone by pressing the power button.

2. Long-press the Lock Screen until the 'Customize' button appears.

3. Tap 'Customize'.

4. Select 'Lock Screen'.

5. Tap 'Add Widgets', or on the section where you want to add the new widget.

6. Find the Vendy widget you want to add in the selection menu, then tap or drag it on to the Lock Screen.

7. Repeat this for any other widgets you wish to add.

8. Finally, tap the close button, then tap Done.